Pearl Paint Protection UK - Leather Protector

Leather Protector

Pearl Leather Protector is an exceptional leather protector formulated using the latest sustainable technology, containing unique valuable oils which prevent staining from oily water based spillages and other everyday substances. Provides outstanding protection to leather upholstery, trim and protective clothing by instantly weatherproofing against the elements, as treated surfaces are gently coated with a transparent and breathable barrier preserving the natural properties of the leather and maintaining the showroom appearance. Powerful UV screens safeguard and retain the original leather feel, smell and colours from the harsh bleaching effects of sunlight, even in the hottest of climates. 

Directions: Shake well before use. Ensure leather surface to be treated is clean and dry beforetreatment. Apply a thin even coating using a soft dry cotton cloth or sponge. Allow 10 - 15 minutes to dry naturally. Do not buff the surface. Not suitable for suede or similar finishes and always test first on an inconspicuous area to check that the leather surface is colourfast and water resistant. Soiled leather should always be pre-cleaned using Pearl Leather Cleaner and for additional suppleness and gloss treat with Pearl Leather Cream. Do not apply in cold damp conditions, to hot leather surfaces or in direct sunlight.