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Protecting your investment against the rigours of day to day life is guaranteed with 'Pearl Paint, Fabric and Leather Protection Products.

Originally created for the aerospace industry to protect their elite legions of aeroplanes, Pearl Car Care Products have tirelessly worked alongside aviation specialists to formulate a unique paint protection system for the automotive industry. Thrusting innovation to new heights we have eliminated all harmful natural and manufactured substances encountered to produce the ultimate transparent impenetrable barrier for your vehicle, which not only protects the whole of your vehicle and investment, but also maximises the retail value of your vehicle.

'Pearl Oyster Paint, Fabric, Upholstery and Leather Protection' gives complete product confidence, providing a totally invisiblebarrier to the naked eye our innovative and impenetrable products protect both the exterior paintwork and interior fabric upholstery of your vehicle. Working closely and extensively with prestigious car dealerships and professional valeting companies, has enabled us to design and manufacture the ultimate innovative vehicle paint and fabric protection system. Breaking new boundaries in design, we have formulated a blend of the finest materials, providing ease of application and outstanding product capability, culminating in the best ever Paint, Fabric & Upholstery protection system available which completely refreshens new car paintwork, revitalises used car paintwork, maintains fabric upholstery and then totally protects all these treated surfaces for you to enjoy.

Perfection in protection and shine has been created by this unique and revolutionary Paint and Fabric Upholstery Protection System, which completely retains the external and internal showroom appearance of your vehicle, whilst eliminating the need to ever polish your vehicle again and significantly decreasing the amount of time and effort required to clean your vehicle - maximising your precious driving time experience!

Considering the benefits.....

Ultimate paintwork protection against weather induced fading, damaging acid rain, oxidization, loss of gloss and UV deterioration.

Outstanding fabric and upholstery protection against food greases, confectionery, shoe polish, waxes and beverages.

Complete product confidence provided with the ultimate in auto care protection to the exterior Paint and interior Fabric, Upholstry and Leather.

Fantastic finsh that protecting the vehicles reidual value.

.....can you really afford not to protect your investment?


How the Paint Protection Works