Pearl Paint Protection UK - Pearl Scratch Remover & Polish

Pearl Scratch Remover & Polish

Pearl Scratch, Swirl Remover & Polish: A specially formulated super fine compound designed to polish out any residual swirl marks which can occur on problem colour dark paint finishes eg. Blacks. Totally vesatile Scratch Remover can be used by hand or by machine for rapid coverage of large polishing areas eg. Bonnets, Roofs.

Paint-Shop Safe: Scratch Remover is silicone AND wax free.

Easy to Use: Easy to apply and quick to buff and produces a superb high gloss finish.

Low VOC: Specially formulated with minimum use of organic solvents.

For use on: All automotive paint systems including, cellulose, single component and 2-pack acrylic clear coats, MS/HS paint systems, ceramic clear coats, UV clear coats, waterborne clear coats. and this superior bemish free painwork finish created is then ready to be sealed and protected with Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant.

Directions: Apply Polish to paint surface and spread to a thin even layer, using the polishing pad. Using machine, polish up paint surface reducing the pressure as the film starts to clear. Continue to float the surface with un-pressured pad and when clear finally remove any trace residues using Microfiber cloth.

NB. For swirl removal it is essential to keep polishing pads clean, and separate from compounding pads. Any dust or compounding residue must be washed off vehicle before polishing.

By Hand: Use 100% fine cotton cloth to avoid introducing any scratches to sensitive paint finishes. Shake container before use. Apply to paint surface, allow polish to haze dry for a minute, then buff to a high gloss finish using non-scratch Microfiber cloth.

For Best Results: By Machine: Use Machine Speed: 1200 - 2000 (free running) speed soft foam Polishing Pads. For vertical surfaces: charge the white soft foam pad with Scratch remover. For horizontal surfaces: Scratch Remover can be applied to the white soft foam pad and/or directly onto the panel.